Yew and you


Rooting from a broken branch

regrows the yew.

Steadfast standing sentinel

needles you.

Tumoured overgrowth of pride

pricks anew –

sap me once again, my friend,

you’ll regenerate too.



The yew tree is well known in churchyards. It stands for longer than might be expected. It has unusual qualities;  bearing needles yet not being coniferous, arcing into new life by apparent brokenness, being feared as poisonous yet providing treatment for certain cancers.

It stands within boundary walls but firmly outside the door. It stands and it endures and it thrives. The fruit borne has prompted dire warning -‘ stay away! – Do not be consumed by a toxic harvest! You’ll be buried by those berries!’ But a more appreciative inquiry of its worth will lead to an antidote for the metastasising mass within us.

Fears must be overcome, and the healing properties within tapped into. Walk out the heavy door and face the dark silhouette that looms over in constant view. Hidden within, it has a means to new life to bestow and share with you.