Cloaked in pain I just grant licence

to more malevolent connivance.

Disrobe me! Let me dress as one who’ll

wear more gracious habitude.



I wear clothes that express and project something of myself. How I present myself has an effect, on me as well as on those who see me. There’s always a choosing about what I put on – the comfort, the vibrancy, the weight, the line. Last year I spent too much time draped in heaviness, which I’m now unpicking. It was a mantle that fashioned a bitter streak, which I’ve not admired in myself. But just as when I face my wardrobe each day, I have choice about what attitude I’ll put about me. I can discard what drags and dulls me, I can swathe my form in an uplifting silhouette. I hope you’ll like the cut of my jib!