Step up

What stands upon your landing?

What fear looms dark astride

your courage? Come, step up – you’ll find

you’re armoured beyond pride.


‘Are you man enough?’  The question empowers as much as it taunts. No matter what steps we face, what edifice lies before us, defiance of our own disquietudes – by faith in what is beyond us – is both crushing and courageous.

Man enough?  

We are more than enough and never enough. We are only ever enough when we embrace that we have had enough of how our prideful fears constrain and restrain us. The sacrifice is only really in giving up ourselves in the truth of our helplessness, for the possibility that our downfall will be overcome by something greater than the sham we’re futilely projecting.

Whatever scary monsters lurk around the corners of our minds, man!- they can grow when we daren’t look them in the eye. Come on up, you have it all within you you know. Take the step. Enough’s enough.