Sleeping Snooty

Mirror, mirror, on the wall,

who’s the one who’s so enthralled

by abusing those who see

past his self-centred deity?

It’s served you well to spin the story,

and yet its lost you so much glory.

A little prick – how do you sleep?

No conscience, you shrug off deceits.

But the greater wheel of justice turns,

what comes before a fall confers

a yarn much spoke of as a warning

to others to whom truth is dawning.


Cognitive dissonance can be a particular problem in the church, where locally and institutionally the impulse is to protect the reputations of those in it’s employ, no matter what. It is its foolish and fatal flaw. It is of course an inherently fallible place – as the saying goes, ‘it would be alright if it weren’t for all the people in it…’ (and I was there too).  And yet truth will often out, in its own good time. It is not always love that covers sin, but many deceits – pride being the most powerful. As we reflect, may we better acknowledge what is in fact ugly and distorted, yet also see the precious facets of hope and redemption within it. Let’s change the picture shall we?