Scoping out


New starts can be pioneering or iterative, or sometimes a blend of both. Mine is coming out of both. It’s a resurrection field made rich by the rotting debris of the past. This is a place to let words explore and express where I’m at in the light of where I’ve been. Wordplay thrills me and lifts me, and I hope you’ll enjoy what I create too.

I started posting poems on New Year’s Day, a common but arbitrary time of ‘new starts’ ¬†that I’d not bothered with before. You move into a new horizon any time you choose to put your foot towards it, and January 1st just happened to be a right day for me to step this way. I started posting on twitter, so the poems are necessarily short. ‘Fringe and frabjous’ describes with hope and wry delight some of my experiences and my character, and reminds me that I’m ok actually.

This is where I shall offer these poems, alongside something on what has prompted them.