Applying faith in others giftings

Opens doors to new beginnings.

Now we have endorsement ringing

in our ears, no wounds we’re ¬†licking.


Tongues should be used with care. Words applied without care for the other do damage. The worst of that is within the persons soul and psyche, but there may be other ramifications such as on what they do. It’s a form of theft, to take from someone in such a way.

But tongues can also be an instrument of restoration.

I suffered a loss of freedom to practice my giftings. Honouring the pronouncements of the dishonourable had further costs to me than in my being, as the words were delivered with a swag bag that carried off what I’d been doing.

And then from elsewhere have come words of faith and affirmation. A recognition and respect for what I can offer, an opportunity to do those things again. A delight even, to place back into my hands what belongs there.

There’s power in words. Whether we choose to enjoy a power of destruction or of edification though speaks loudest of the speakers soul. Choose well.