When all reflect on what’s been pillaged

will there be focus on God’s image?



People can be robbed of many things, the worst of which is their dignity and self-worth.  We have such capacity for judging and criticising others and shouldn’t really be surprised by it, yet it remains shocking. ‘Othering’ others goes on all the time, but we don’t want to see it when comes from ourselves. I’ve had a bad year of being othered, a particularly scourging experience. Outrage, hurt, and resentment have flowed out of that, and truths have trickled in.

We are all made for goodness, as Desmond Tutu has said. Much as it can be hard to see it in ourselves while we’re hurting, it is often so challenging to see the goodness in others once we have othered them. We’re more likely to gather affirmations of that othering, than seek a new facet of them to gaze on.But it’s there if we’ll dare to look, and it’s there even if we don’t look. It may take time, but looking back I hope we will all see the distortions that fears and pride have wrought in our perceptions, and all find the goodness in ourselves, and what’s mirrored in the othered.