No more shall we be woe-begone,

not since we crossed the rubicon!

Habeas corpus – no unicorn?

That horny time is purged.


The test is always by the fruit,

and moral tales we shall impute.

Our time of ripening (from deep roots)

will sap the bitter urge.


Laughter transports poignancy

and gives the message buoyancy.

A vision, in ascendency,

helps scale the learning curve.


It’s not a stage we’re going through –

we’ve got a solid platform to

reach up, reach out, and show them truths

where light and love converge.


I had thought that working under the umbrella of a spiritual institution was important, but found toxicity there which in turn hindered creative expression. It is not how it should be of course, but there it is. During this time someone ruefully joked that a unicorn must have been slain to account for the gossip there – but in fact this mythic murderess was cleared; the instigating ‘body of evidence’ proved unsubstantiated. Not so for someone else in the end though, found guilty of serial bullying and now sucking lemons as a result.

Standing for truth and justice sapped our energy, but once done we found a new lease of life. Our puppetry is physical, visually dynamic and fun, but always with a moral message in the content – so that the audience has something good to take away from it. It is part of what has been healing for us as we move on. This poem was written to celebrate liberation from that hard time, and mark the longed-for independence in our performing arts work.