A calling that condemned his place

in the garden, now he’ll face

boundaries widened where he’s cocked

to serve a more appreciative flock!



We keep hens. One became broody, so we brought her two fertile eggs from a neighbour down the road. The eggs hatched, and everyone delighted in them as they grew into themselves. Then one day one of them made an awkward crowing sound, which soon became a distinct cock-a-doodling. It began proclaiming each new dawn Р which disturbed the peaceful slumber of all around.

With a plumage that stood him out from the crowd and a voice that unsettled and affronted the clucky status quo, eviction plans began forming. There was quite a caffuffle around his removal, but soon he found himself in a spacious small holding. A whole host of hens welcomed him, along with ducks and pheasants and guinea fowl. His calling was fitting in that place.

Meanwhile in the garden a paltry grouping continued pecking.