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Stony Ground

My steps did cede on stony ground – I wait to see injustice drowned. An ocean’s-worth of briny tears have stung and washed me. And the pier of jutting pride is not so grand to ever ‘gainst His flow withstand. Time and tide of grace will wash us all, and heal with salty solace.

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Elephant in the room

We walk into my padded room and – yes – there is the pachyderm. Of course it’s there, all grey and trunky! “But what the heck is smelling funky from that corner?” folks exclaim as they exit, in disdain.   I stay perched upon the stool – I will not run or lose my cool.…

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  I stand, as prophesied – long pausing ushers us to what outpouring? Yoked launches looming, juxtaposing how our stories keeps unfolding.     I once saw myself leaning against a hard rock wall, achingly tipped slightly forward so my forehead would maintain contact. It was imperative that I kept that connection, no matter what.…

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