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Archive for June 2018

Small boat, big seas

  In roiling seas I’d wished I’d skirted – harbour-seeking all perverted – the passage to that still horizon reels me, and my soul is siphoned down into deep briny troughs. But though my fears are in the buff I’ll hunker in the hull of this coracle, and trust it’s bouyant beams arborical.    …

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Fruit shoots

I had such zest and energy, a new skin of sweet piquancy. ’Don’t take the pith!’ I pled and cried, ’Don’t pare me from ekklesia’s side!’ Uncommon people pulped me down, sapped me – but, was then I found out flowed  a fresh vitality. This juice was worth the press and squeeze. Discarded flesh, all…

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No more shall we be woe-begone, not since we crossed the rubicon! Habeas corpus – no unicorn? That horny time is purged.   The test is always by the fruit, and moral tales we shall impute. Our time of ripening (from deep roots) will sap the bitter urge.   Laughter transports poignancy and gives the…

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