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Archive for May 2018

Phoenix kicks

A greater authority gives me true edicts. My territory’s enlarged, my horizon so scenic. I rebuff the acruidity.   The ash and the oil shall be marked on this phoenix, and I shall rise above power politics – I’m healing by creativity.

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Ashes and Oil

It is not I, but he, indicted – such sadness of a soul benighted. Pride has wounded and misguided but the critics heart is unrequited. In brokenness I once was sighted, yet – of sustaining grace reminded – ashes and oil are all united. To restoration I’m invited.

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Sleeping Snooty

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the one who’s so enthralled by abusing those who see past his self-centred deity? It’s served you well to spin the story, and yet its lost you so much glory. A little prick – how do you sleep? No conscience, you shrug off deceits. But the greater wheel of…

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When the good book has been cooked, the flock is fleeced – we all have hooked into a deficit of kingdom riches, squandered as the truth unhitches from a place of right accounting. Bottom line – the plunder’s mounting, from one man’s debt and diminution (rather than make restitution).   Bullying and spiritual abuse are…

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