‘Homeless’ comes in many guises,

casting neighbours as pariahs.

Such high-handedness disguises

fears of our self-worth denied us.



This began from an insight into rough sleepers in my area, and the thought that losing a home is a complex and varied thing.

I’ve found it hard not to take it entirely personally when criticised and hurt. But I’ve learned that it is worth also trying to see what’s behind it, remembering that no-one is all good or all bad. So many of us carry hidden hauntings within (and I’ve certainly had many myself). Insecurities, pride, fear of change that isn’t in our own control – so many masked monsters. We may imagine that our jobs or status are what our personal prestige is founded on, and feel threatened by their evolution. We are a perverse people who will attack others in order to protect our own fragile egos, and defiantly justify the damage wreaked and deny the rubble round our own feet.

I’m now lost to a place that was a home, a family of sorts, a community I thought I’d belonged to. I hope those still within it will not find their consciences sleeping rough for long.