Peppy Ulyett The Chronicles Of The Box


"For those of us who have suffered abuse one of the greatest challenges is to have the courage to break out of hiding and to tell our stories...Chronicle of the box is an important book for all who seek freedom from toxic shame." - Mark Stibbe, best-selling author and abuse survivor.

A personal journey of healing and restoration from shame

The effects of past abuse were threatening to blow the lid off the box of Peppy Ulyett's life. But a loving and powerful God helped her unpack its shameful hoard, releasing her from the tyranny of silence. This is a story of restoration from shame and its toxic effects.

A little about me

Peppy Ulyett has stumbled her fringe and frabjous way to middle-age in the middle of England, despite life’s circumstances and her complicated character. This is because she has a God who loves her and wants the best for her, whether she’s comfortable with it or not. She’s enormously grateful for all of that.

Peppy - writer and speaker, trained listener, carer, amateur puppeteer, night-shelter volunteer, and church worker.